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Jummah Prayer

Khutbah Jammah
1st 01:05 pm 01:25 pm
2nd 01:40 pm 02:00 pm
3rd 02:15 pm 02:35 pm
4th 02:50 pm 03:10 pm

Prayer Timings

Prayer Iqamah
Fajr 5:00 am
Zuhr 1:45 pm
Asr 6:30 pm
Maghrib 5 minutes After Azaan
Isha 10:00 pm

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About Us

Ar-Rehman Islamic Centre is a Masjid/community centre serving the communities around Meadoville Town Centre, Lisgar and adjoining areas. It is a providing opportunity of five time regular daily salah , Jummah and Tarveeh to  Muslim community . It is registered non-profit, charitable entity, operating in the Province of Ontario under the management of Islamic Circle of North America, ICNA Canada.

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